The Stuart Ross & Lillian Marie Kelly Foundation services the residents and organizations of Brantford and Brant County, located in Ontario, Canada. More information coming soon!

How to Apply

The criteria for receiving a donation or grant from the Kelly Foundation is as follows:
  • Write a short, one page (if possible) description of your event or cause.
  • Always include the specific amount of your request. If applicable, a list of items you require with their value is helpful. Sometimes, we cannot fund the entire request but might be able to help with some of it.
  • Generally, we do not provide funding for individuals.
  • We fund only projects that are within Brantford & Brant County (or that originate there).
  • We tend to score higher for projects that are not primarily funded by Government.
  • We require that all applicants provide a charitable tax number and receipt.

Once you have your request together, please mail it to us. Note that as we only meet a few times a year, the earlier you can get your request in the better. For our mailing address, please see the contact page.


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